Denizen 25mm Science Fiction Miniatures

From Stone Mountain Miniatures

Figures for any world you can imagine.

Denizen 25mm Science Fiction miniatures are designed to be used with any science fiction rules system or RPG. Denizen figures are manufactured in the U.S. by Stone Mountain Miniatures.

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• Denizen 25mm science fiction figures are cast in pewter.
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• Civilians, Federation Stellar Marines, and Federation Mid-Tech Assault Teams are humans. Ventaurans are humanoid aliens. K’hiff are non-humanoid aliens.

Civilians (Humans)

• $6.95 per pack.
DSF100 The Hitchhikers: 5 figures: 1 in dressing gown, 1 holding bag, 1 two-headed figure, 1 robot, 1 young woman
DSF145 Starship Captain & Crew: 1 Captain & 2 crew, seated in bridge control chairs
DSF150 Starship Crew: 2 male security guards, 1 female security guard, & 1 female crew member with pistol
DSF175 Space Adventurers: 1 female with laser carbine, 1 female with assault carbine, & 2 males advancing (2 different poses)
DSF180 Space Police: 2 firing pistol & 2 aiming pistol

Federation Stellar Marines (Humans)

• $6.95 per pack except as noted. The Federation is composed of the star systems colonized by mankind. It is the direct descendant of the old North American Federation.
DSF300 Officers: 3 male & 1 female, giving orders & directing troops
DSF305 Marines I: Troopers: 1 holding advanced combat rifle, 2 firing advanced combat rifle, 1 firing laser pistol
DSF310 Marines II: Troopers: 2 kneeling with laser carbine & 2 firing energy rifles
DSF320 Marine Snipers: 4 prone firing figures
DSF350 Manta Missile Launcher: Includes 3 crew
DSF375 Antigrav Bikes & Riders: One 1-man bike, one 2-man bike, 2 drivers, & trooper with advanced combat rifle  $9.95
DSF380 Accessories: Helmets (8); backpacks (8); weapons (6)
DSF385 Warbot Command Section: Command Bot, 2 Scout Bots, & 2 Laser Bots
DSF386 Warbot Laser Section: 5 Laser bots

Federation Mid-Tech Assault Teams (Humans)

• $6.95 per pack. The Federation is composed of the star systems colonized by mankind. It is the direct descendant of the old North American Federation.
DSF330 Officer & Rifle Team: Officer (Female with advanced combat rifle) & 3 troopers (2 female firing advanced combat rifles & 1 male firing laser carbine)
DSF331 Rifle Squad: Male troopers - 2 firing advanced combat rifles, 1 running with advanced combat rifle, & 1 advancing
DSF332 Heavy Weapons Squad: Troopers - Male throwing grenade, female with laser cannon, female firing rocket launcher, & male with laser cannon
DSF333 Assault Squad: 3 male troopers (1 with shotgun, 1 with grenade rifle, and 1 firing shoulder manta launcher) & 1 female trooper with shotgun

Ventauran Star Legion (Aliens)

• $6.95 per pack. The Ventauran Imperium is an aggressive humanoid race with ambitions of galactic domination. Their society is organized along a military caste system. This makes them very impressive opponents.
DSF200 Officers: 2 with assault carbines, 1 bareheaded with assault carbine, & 1 with advanced combat rifle
DSF201 Officer & Legionnaires (Open Visor): Officer using communicator & 3 Legionnaires
DSF205 Legionnaires I: 2 with advanced combat rifle (2 different poses), 1 with assault weapon, & 1 with laser cannon
DSF210 Legionnaires II: 2 with laser carbines (2 different poses), 1 with assault carbine, & 1 with pulse pistol
DSF280 Accessories: Helmets (8); backpacks (8); weapons (6)

The Fanatical K'hiff (Aliens)

• $6.95 per pack. The non-humanoid K'hiff are religious fanatics engaged in a holy war or Jihad to conquer or convert the galaxy. Not much is known about the K'hiff. No one is sure where they come from, only that they follow a Mahdi. Each clan of warriors (Ansars) is led by a priest/commander called the Emir, who demands complete, unquestioning devotion and loyalty. The K'hiff expect no quarter and give none.
DSF400 K'hiff Emir & Elite Guard - 1 Emir & 3 Elite Guards/Assassins advancing with automatic carbines
DSF402 Elite Guards/Assassins: 4 Advancing with laser rifles
DSF405 Ansar (Warriors) I: 4 Advancing with antipersonnel rifles
DSF406 Ansar II: 2 Advancing with laser rifle and 2 firing VRF anti- personnel rifles
DSF410 Ansar III: 4 Advancing with flamers
DSF411 Ansar with Heavy Weapons: 2 with rocket launcher, 2 firing SMAW

25mm Denizen Unit Packs

• $16.00 each.
DSF500 Federation Squad: 1 Sergeant and 9 Stellar Marines
DSF510 Ventauran Maniple: 1 Centurion and 9 Legionnaires
DSF520 K'hiff Clan: 1 Headman and 9 Ansar