15mm ACW Buildings & 15mm AWI Buildings

Stone Mountain Miniatures Award-Winning Wargaming Buildings & Terrain

Our 15mm American Civil War Buildings are winners of the Origins/H. G. Wells Award for Best Wargaming Accessory!

Also suitable for 15mm American Revolution Buildings.

• Painted buildings, fortifications, and terrain are available by special order. Contact us for a price quote.
• See 15mm ACW buildings listing for contents and prices.
• Photos: Click links below for photos. The photos will open in a new tab. Also see our other 15mm Buildings & Terrain pages.
• Stone Mountain Miniatures 15mm ACW buildings / 15mm AWI buildings are cast in high-detail resin. Some accessories are cast in pewter.

15mm ACW Buildings / 15mm AWI Buildings

TRF300  Large Log Cabin with shingled roof and stone chimney  $6.95
TRF301  Rural Farmhouse, classic American style  $9.95
TRF302  Ruined Farmhouse, fallen in  $5.95
TRF303  Barn with hip roof  $12.95
TRF304  Large Stone Barn and Granary  $14.95
TRF305  Southern Mansion, classic Ante-Bellum  $15.95
TRF306  Dunker Church at Antietam  $14.95
TRF307  Stable, weathered wood  $12.95
TRF308  Set of 3 Different Log Cabins  $14.95
TRF309  Raised farmhouse with 2 haystacks  $15.95
TRF310  Stone Feed Store  $12.95
TRF311  House with wood siding and root cellar door  $12.95
TRF315  General Store, brick with false front  $12.95
TRF316  Bull Run Farmhouse  $15.95
TRF318  Twin Pines Farmhouse  $11.95
TRF319  Gettysburg House  $12.95
TRF320 Southern Rural House  $9.95
TRF321  Southern Rural Barn  $7.95
TRF322 - TRF327 include an assortment of preprinted paper signs for businesses.
TRF322  False Front Building, Style A  $14.95
TRF323  False Front Building, Style B  $14.95
TRF324  False Front Building, Style C  $14.95
TRF325  False Front Building, Style D  $14.95
TRF326  False Front Building, Style E  $14.95
TRF327  False Front Tent Building  $10.95
TRF330  Large Classic American Church with steeple  $29.95
TRF331  Brick Factory with Addition  $29.95
TRF332  Harpers Ferry Stone Factory  $14.95
TRF338  River Dock  $6.95
TRF339  Walled Cemetery with gravestones and an open grave  $29.95
TRF340  Town Square Monument, cast resin base with cast metal statue  $5.95
TRF345  Log Signal Towers (2)  $8.95
TRF346  Small Ruined House  $5.95
TRF347  Large Ruined House  $8.95