15mm ACW Unit Suggestions

Stone Mountain Miniatures Award-Winning 15mm ACW Figures

The only 15mm American Civil War miniatures to ever win the Origins/H. G. Wells Award for Best Wargaming Figures!

These are recommended figures to use for specific American Civil War units.

ACW Unit


Union Troops (Also see Zouaves)
Suitable for most units ACW 1, 3, 4
Berdan's Sharpshooters ACW8
Pennsylvania Bucktails ACW9
Any veteran unit, such as 20th Maine at Gettysburg Ragged Troops
Iron Brigade (also suitable for many Western units) 2nd, 6th, or 7th Wisconsin; 24th Michigan; 19th Indiana Hardee Hat in Frock Coat; also Kepi Frock Coat Troops
Black Union Troops, including 54th Massachusetts at Ft. Wagner, 1st Louisiana Native Guard Black Troops
Confederate Troops (Also see Zouaves)
Suitable for most units ACW 16, 17, 18
VMI Cadets at Newmarket ACW15
1st or 3rd Texas Texas Troops
Any veteran unit, such as Stonewall Jackson's Foot Cavalry Ragged Troops
Zouaves (Union & Confederate)
5th New York, 114th Pennsylvania ACW35
14th New York, Maryland Guard, Ellsworth Cadets ACW36
Louisiana Tigers (Wheat's) ACW37
Louisiana Zouaves, 9th New York ACW38