15mm British Colonial Unit Packs

15mm British Colonial Single Figures

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15mm British Colonial unit packs include a British battalion, a Zulu Ibutho, a Dervish tribe, and a Pathan tribe. British Colonial single figures include 15mm British infantry, command, and artillery; 15mm Zulu infantry; 15mm Dervish infantry and cavalry; and 15mm Pathan infantry and artillery.

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• Stone Mountain Miniatures 15mm British Colonial miniatures are cast in pewter.

15mm British Colonial Single Figures - British, Zulu, Dervish, & Pathan

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LBN200 British Single Foot Officer  50¢
LBN201 British Single Foot Flagbearer  60¢
LBN202 British Single Foot Figure  40¢
LBN203 British Single Mounted Officer  $1.25
LBN204 British Single Gun  $3.00
LBN205 British Single Limber with Horses  $4.25
LBN206 Zulu Single Foot Figure  40¢
LBN207 Dervish Single Foot Figure  40¢
LBN208 Dervish Single Mounted Figure  $1.25
LBN209 Pathan Single Foot Figure  40¢
LBN210 Pathan Single Gun  $3.00

15mm British Colonial Unit Packs - British, Zulu, Dervish, & Pathan

LBN111 British Battalion: 4 platoons infantry (80 figures), 4 Captains, 1 Bugler, 1 Flagbearer, 1 Sergeant Major, 1 Mounted Colonel , and 1 Gatling Gun with crew.  $39.00
LBN162 Zulu Ibutho: 5 regiments (100 figures) and 1 Induna.  $39.00
LBN178 Dervish Tribe: 5 clans (100 figures) and 1 Emir.  $39.00
LBN185 Pathan Tribe: 5 clans (100 figures) and 1 Amir.  $39.00