15mm French Foreign Legion & Arab Unit Packs

15mm French Foreign Legion & Arab Single Figures

Stone Mountain Miniatures Award-Winning Wargaming Figures

Unit packs include 15mm French Foreign Legion, 15mm Arab, and combined French Foreign Legion & Arab forces. 15mm French Foreign Legion and Arab single figures include infantry, cavalry, and command; French artillery; and Arab camelry.

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• Stone Mountain Miniatures 15mm French Foreign Legion & Arab miniatures are cast in pewter.

15mm French Foreign Legion & Arab Single Figures

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LFA60 French Single Foot Officer  50¢
LFA61 French Single Foot Flagbearer  60¢
LFA62 French Single Foot Figure  40¢
LFA63 French Single Mounted Officer  $1.25
LFA64 French Single Mounted Trooper  $1.25
LFA65 French Single Gun  $3.00
LFA70 Arab Single Foot Sheik  50¢
LFA71 Arab Single Foot Flagbearer  60¢
LFA72 Arab Single Foot Figure  40¢
LFA73 Arab Single Mounted Sheik  $1.25
LFA74 Arab Cavalry, Single Mounted Flagbearer  $1.25
LFA75 Arab Cavalry, Single Mounted Trooper  $1.25
LFA76 Arab Camelry, Single Mounted Leader  $2.50
LFA77 Arab Camelry, Single Mounted Trooper  $2.50
LFA78 Arab Caravan, Single Pack Camel and 1 Driver  $5.00

15mm French French Foreign Legion & Arab Unit Packs

LFA43 French Foreign Legion Force: 3 platoons (60 figures), 1 cavalry troop (12 figures), artillery (2 guns, 8 crew), sergeant major, and colonel.  $43.00
LFA45 Arab Force: 5 foot tribes (100 figures), 1 camel mounted tribe (12 figures), 1 horse mounted tribe (12 figures), mounted flagbearer, foot sheik, and mounted sheik.  $70.00
LFA47 Combined French Foreign Legion & Arab Force: 1 LFA43 & 1 LFA45.  $110.00