Houston’s Ships 1/1200 ACW Ships – CSS & USS / CSS Ships

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1/1200 ACW Ships – 1/1200 Ironclads & Warships

1/1200 Fortifications, Accessories, & Naval Flags

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• Houston’s Ships 1/1200 ACW ships are cast in pewter and high-detail resin.

Houston's Ships 1/1200 ACW Ships - CSS Ships

• $9.95 per pack.
HSS70 CSS Albemarle, CSS Neuse, and CSS Columbia (ironclad rams)
HSS71 CSS Tennessee and CSS Atlanta (ironclad rams); CSS Virginia II (ironclad)
HSS72 CSS Tallahassee (screw steamer), CSS Nashville/Thomas Wragg (gunboat), and CSS Chattahoochee (gunboat)
HSS73 CSS Richmond and CSS Jackson (ironclad rams); CSS Louisiana (ironclad)
HSS74 CSS Arkansas, CSS Palmetto State, and CSS Fredericksburg (ironclad rams)
HSS75 CSS Gaines and CSS Morgan (sidewheel gunboats); CSS Selma (gunboat)
HSS76 CSS Stonewall (ironclad ram), CSS Little Rebel (screw ram), and CSS Hampton (screw gunboat)
HSS77 CSS Milledgeville (ironclad), CSS Wilmington (ironclad gunboat), and CSS Mississippi (ironclad ram)
HSS78 CSS General Sumter, CSS General Earl Van Dorn, and USS Sumpter (sidewheel rams)
HSS79 CSS General Jeff Thompson (sidewheel ram), CSS Colonel Lovell (ironclad ram), and CSS General Beauregard (sidewheel ram)
HSS80 CSS Georgia (floating battery), CSS Floating Battery Barge, and Barrels, Torpedoes, and Chain
HSS81 CSS Florida (raider) and CSS Muscogee (ironclad)

Houston's Ships 1/1200 ACW Ships - USS / CSS Ships

• $9.95 per pack.
HSS1 Cotton Barges (8) and Fire Rafts (2)
HSS5 Transports (3 - 2 paddlewheels and 1 sternwheel)
HSS10 Steam Tugboats (6)
HSS15 Sunken Ships (9)
HSS19 HMS Scorpion and HMS Wyvern (ironclad gunboats)
HSS20 USS Monitor (monitor) and CSS Manassas (ironclad ram)
HSS21 USS Keokuk (ironclad gunboat) and CSS Virginia (Merrimac) (ironclad gunboat)
HSS22 USS Kearsarge (sloop of war) and CSS Alabama (raider)
HSS23 USS/CSS General Price (wood ram) and USS/CSS General Bragg (steamboat)
HSS25 USS Commodore Perry (armed ferry), USS/CSS Queen Of The West (steamboat) and USS Blackhawk (sidewheeler)
HSS26 USS Avenger and USS Vindicator (rams); CSS Nashville (ironclad)
HSS28 USS/CSS Arizona and USS/CSS Austin (tinclads)