Houston’s Ships 1/1200 Fortifications, Accessories, & Flags

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1/1200 ACW Ships – 1/1200 Ironclads & Warships

1/1200 Fortifications, Accessories, & Naval Flags

• Single ships and other special orders are available. Contact us for details and pricing.
• See 1/1200 fortifications and accessories listing for contents and prices.
• Houston’s Ships 1/1200 fortifications and accessories are cast in pewter and high-detail resin.
• Scroll down for information on 1/1200 naval flags.
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Houston's Ships 1/1200 Fortifications & Accessories

• $7.95 per pack except as noted.
HSS110 Splash Markers (24)
HSS115 Fortification Guns: 8 each 15" Columbiad, 15" Rodman, and 300 pound Parrott (all with crews)
HSS120 Dirt Fort: 4 pieces
HSS121 Dirt Fort Redoubts: 3 pieces
HSS125 Shore Fortification: 13 pieces
HSS126 Wharf and Two Warehouses  $14.95
HSS150 Fort Sumter: Resin fort with metal guns.  $49.95
HSS151 Fort Morgan: 6-sided resin fort with outer works & metal guns.  $34.95

1/1200 Houston's Ships Naval Flags

Paper Flag Sets for ACW and Foreign Ships

• 24 flags / $3.00 per pack.
• Order in the right sidebar. Use the drop-down menu to select how many flags you want, then enter the description/s (flag set number or more complete description if you prefer) in the text box. The text box scrolls and is 200 spaces long.

SFL1 American Civil War (U.S.)
SFL2 American Civil War (Confederate)
SFL3 England
SFL4 France
SFL5 Germany
SFL6 Austria-Hungary
SFL7 Italy
SFL8 Russia
SFL9 Spain
SFL10 Japan
SFL11 China
SFL12 Turkey
SFL13 Denmark, Sweden, and Finland
SFL14 Argentina and Brazil
SFL15 Chile and Peru