10mm AWI Flags, Sailing Ships, & War of 1812 Flags

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Give Your Troops Authentic Battle Flags to March Under!

• 10mm AWI flags, Sailing Ships flags, and War of 1812 flags are sold as sets. See listings for contents and prices.
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• Cut the flags from the sheet using a straightedge and X-Acto knife. With rubber cement, glue each flag around a bare flag staff, taking care to keep the edges straight. While the glue is still flexible, gently roll the flag around a paintbrush handle or dowel to give the impression of a flag waving in the breeze. Set aside until the glue dries.

10mm AWI Flags  (Also see Sailing Ships for Naval flags.)

• 10mm paper flag sets / $3.50 each.
ARVF301  12 American & French flags – New York, Soissonois, Bourbonnois, Royal Delux-Ponts, Sons of Liberty, 3rd MD, Guilford, Pulaski, Continental, Touraine, Auxonne Royal Artillery
ARVF302  12 American & British flags – Bennington, Rhode Island, Providence Artillery, Virginia Militia, 2nd Colors 3rd, 5th, 9th, 23rd, 27th, 33rd, & 42nd British Foot, Queen’s Rangers
ARVF303  12 American & German flags – Hulbert, Bunker Hill, 1st PA, Washington’s Flag, Newbury, Washington’s “Life Guard,” Prince Friedrich, Anspach-Bayreuth, Von Mirbach, Von Ditfurth, Von Riedesel, Erbprinz
ARVF304  6 British Unions & 6 2nd Colors – 6 Union Jacks, pale yellow, yellow, deep yellow, green, buff, blue 2nd colors
ARVF305  12 American flags – 1st National, Connecticut, Green Mountain Boys, Taunton, Eutaw, Moultrie, Hanover, South Carolina, 1st Regimental, Grand Union
ARVF306  12 British & German flags – 1st & 2nd Colors 9th Foot, 1st Color Queen’s Rangers, 2nd Color 103rd, 33rd & 93rd Foot, Von Rhetz, Von Spech, Erbprinz, Anspach-Bayreuth, Prinze Carl, Lieb du Corp
ARVF307  12 American & French flags – Webb’s, Bedford, 2nd Dragoons, Philadelphia Light Horse, 2nd New Hampshire, Easton, Regiment d’Agenois, Wash’s Irish, Royal Deux Ponts, Regiment de Hainault, Regiment de Gatinois, Artillerie du Roi

10mm Sailing Ships Flags

• 10mm paper flag sets / $3.50 each.
SSF301  12 American, French, & Pirate flags – Grand Union, 1st U.S. Naval Jack, French Tricolor, French Ensign 1370-1600, French Ensign 1643-1790, French National 1661-1790, Roberts, Sanspitie, Bonnet, England
SSF302  12 American, British, & Pirate flags
British Union, Red & Blue Ensigns, St. George Cross, U.S. 1777-1779, Gadsden, Grand Union, Black Beard, French Filibusters, Tew, Roberts
SSF303  16 British War of 1812 Naval flags
Union Jacks, Red, Blue & White Ensigns, St. George, Command flags
SSF304  12 American Revolution Naval flags
1st National, Grand Union, Alliance, Serapis, New York Ensign, Washington Cruisers
SSF305  12 Spanish, Swedish, & Mediterranean Pirate flags
Swedish Ensign, Spanish Ensign & variants, Russian-American Co., Spanish National, Joasmi Pirates, Arabian Pirates, Tripoli Pirates

10mm War of 1812 Flags  (Also see Sailing Ships for Naval flags.)

• 10mm paper flag sets / $3.50 each.
WARF301  12 American flags – 2 types National colors, Ft. McHenry, Stonington, Ft. Hill
WARF302  12 British & American flags – 1st & 2nd colors, 4th Foot & Quebec Militia, 4th West India, 7th Fusiliers, 1st Light Artillery, 2nd, 4th Infantry, 68th James City Light Infantry, New York Militia, 1st Hartford Light Dragoon