10mm AWI Flags, Sailing Ships, & War of 1812 Flags

Stone Mountain Miniatures Wargaming Flags

Give Your Troops Authentic Battle Flags to March Under!

• See 10mm AWI flags, Sailing Ships flags, and War of 1812 flags listings for contents and prices.
• Order flags in the right sidebar. Use the drop-down menu to select how many flags you want, then enter the description/s (flag set number or more complete description if you prefer) in the text box. The text box scrolls and is 200 spaces long.
• Cut the flags from the sheet using a straightedge and an X-Acto knife. Using rubber cement, glue each flag around a bare flag staff, taking care to keep the edges straight. Then, while the glue is still flexible, gently roll the flag around a paintbrush handle or dowel to give the impression of the flag waving in the breeze. Set aside until the glue dries.

10mm AWI Flags  (Also see Sailing Ships for Naval flags.)

• 10mm paper flag sets / $3.50 each.
ARVF301  12 American & French flags – New York, Soissonois, Bourbonnois, Royal Delux-Ponts, Sons of Liberty, 3rd MD, Guilford, Pulaski, Continental, Touraine, Auxonne Royal Artillery
ARVF302  12 American & British flags – Bennington, Rhode Island, Providence Artillery, Virginia Militia, 2nd Colors 3rd, 5th, 9th, 23rd, 27th, 33rd, & 42nd British Foot, Queen’s Rangers
ARVF303  12 American & German flags – Hulbert, Bunker Hill, 1st PA, Washington’s Flag, Newbury, Washington’s “Life Guard,” Prince Friedrich, Anspach-Bayreuth, Von Mirbach, Von Ditfurth, Von Riedesel, Erbprinz
ARVF304  6 British Unions & 6 2nd Colors – 6 Union Jacks, pale yellow, yellow, deep yellow, green, buff, blue 2nd colors
ARVF305  12 American flags – 1st National, Connecticut, Green Mountain Boys, Taunton, Eutaw, Moultrie, Hanover, South Carolina, 1st Regimental, Grand Union
ARVF306  12 British & German flags – 1st & 2nd Colors 9th Foot, 1st Color Queen’s Rangers, 2nd Color 103rd, 33rd & 93rd Foot, Von Rhetz, Von Spech, Erbprinz, Anspach-Bayreuth, Prinze Carl, Lieb du Corp
ARVF307  12 American & French flags – Webb’s, Bedford, 2nd Dragoons, Philadelphia Light Horse, 2nd New Hampshire, Easton, Regiment d’Agenois, Wash’s Irish, Royal Deux Ponts, Regiment de Hainault, Regiment de Gatinois, Artillerie du Roi

10mm Sailing Ships Flags

• 10mm paper flag sets / $3.50 each.
SSF301  12 American, French, & Pirate flags – Grand Union, 1st U.S. Naval Jack, French Tricolor, French Ensign 1370-1600, French Ensign 1643-1790, French National 1661-1790, Roberts, Sanspitie, Bonnet, England
SSF302  12 American, British, & Pirate flags
British Union, Red & Blue Ensigns, St. George Cross, U.S. 1777-1779, Gadsden, Grand Union, Black Beard, French Filibusters, Tew, Roberts
SSF303  16 British War of 1812 Naval flags
Union Jacks, Red, Blue & White Ensigns, St. George, Command flags
SSF304  12 American Revolution Naval flags
1st National, Grand Union, Alliance, Serapis, New York Ensign, Washington Cruisers
SSF305  12 Spanish, Swedish, & Mediterranean Pirate flags
Swedish Ensign, Spanish Ensign & variants, Russian-American Co., Spanish National, Joasmi Pirates, Arabian Pirates, Tripoli Pirates

10mm War of 1812 Flags  (Also see Sailing Ships for Naval flags.)

• 10mm paper flag sets / $3.50 each.
WARF301  12 American flags – 2 types National colors, Ft. McHenry, Stonington, Ft. Hill
WARF302  12 British & American flags – 1st & 2nd colors, 4th Foot & Quebec Militia, 4th West India, 7th Fusiliers, 1st Light Artillery, 2nd, 4th Infantry, 68th James City Light Infantry, New York Militia, 1st Hartford Light Dragoon