Wargaming Rules & Books

These are some of the best wargaming rules and books that we know of. We’re familiar with them and can help you decide which ones you might like.
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Rules & Books

BK200 The Age of Gunpowder: Fun, fast-play rules for wargaming in the Age of Discovery: English Civil War, Thirty Years' War, the New World, the Ottoman invasion of Europe, and others. Includes army lists, simplified basing and movement system, 50 year rule segments covering the changing roles of pike and musket infantry, and more.  $5.95
BK300 The British Are Coming! by Chris Bell & Mark A. Campbell. The battles fought during the American Revolution determined the fate of a continent. This wargaming rules set is designed to allow refighting of even the largest battles in a few hours, while being detailed enough to handle the smallest battles in a realistic manner. Includes 2 complete scenarios with complete orders of battle. Army lists and leader ratings are included for the entire war, so you can easily design your own battles. Perfect companion rules set to our extensive line of 15mm AWI figures.  $17.95
BK350 Le Petit Empereur: Fast play Napoleonic wargaming rules set, designed to get you started quickly. Includes short, concise rules, army lists, expandable terrain, morale clock to let you conclude the game in under two hours, simplified basing, simple rules for movement and combat resolution, and complete orders of battle. Perfect for campaign and tournament play!  $5.95
BK400 Advance The Colors - An American Civil War 1:1 Ratio Rules Set by Brian Scherzer. These wargaming rules have a fine balance between historical accuracy and playability. For use with a small number of miniatures (company to regiment size battles). Each player assumes the role of an officer.  $6.95
BK450 Age of Iron by Leo Walsh. Wargaming rules for re-fighting the naval engagements of the American Civil War. Designed especially for our Houston's Ships 1/1200th ironclads. Includes extensive ship data and scenarios.  $10.95
BK452 Age of the Dreadnought by Leo Walsh. Contains modifications to Age of Iron to cover the Spanish-American War, Russo-Japanese War, and South American conflicts. Age of Iron (above) is needed to play.  $6.95
BK500 Desperado by Tom Kelly. Skirmish rules for Old West shootouts. So much fun it ought to be illegal! Quick to learn. Quick to play. And always fun.  $6.95
BK501 Desperado II by Tom Kelly. The companion book to the original rules. Contains many new rules, rule interpretations, and scenarios. Requires Desperado to play.  $6.95
BK502 Desperado and Desperado II: Double your fun! Buy both books - Desperado and Desperado II - for only $12.95.
BK550 Battle in Africa by Howard Whitehouse is the definitive source for the Colonial era conflicts in Africa.  Fully illustrated, this one book covers all the conflicts of the European powers and their allies from the 19th century to the early 20th century.  A must have for anyone interested in this period.  $10.00