These are reviews of Stone Mountain Miniatures products, along with customer comments.

Customer comments we include here are ones that provide information we think would be helpful to you. Comments are used with permission. Customers’ names are listed however they prefer.

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15mm American Civil War

“I recently purchased a brigade pack…the figures are well made…beautiful detail.”

15mm American Civil War – Review from The Zouave

ACW98 Review: “It’s hard to find fault with this grouping. The castings themselves are quite nice, durable, are in realistic poses, and are sized very well. This particular set, and all Stone Mountain ACW castings are highly recommended.”

15mm American Civil War – Review from The Courier

“Simply the best 15’s I have ever seen – the range is so complete that one can totally equip a Civil War game with the one line.”

15mm American Civil War – Review from The Zouave

“As most of you know, the fellows at Stone Mountain are famous for the quality of their fine 15mm ACW field artillery, and now it’s nice to be able to say that they’ve added an exquisite line of big naval guns and sailor crews.”

15mm American Civil War -Review from Model Retailer 

“The Stone Mountain 15mm ACW range now has *ACW 42 and **ACW35. Using these packs together creates a feel of an actual battle in progress, and the detail is good on the figures.”
*Now ACW16. **Now ACW50.

15mm British Colonials

“I’ve just purchased your Pathan tribe set, which I’ll be using for The Sword and The Flame. The variety of poses and the quality of detail in the set are both superb. I’m going to have a great time painting, fielding, and generally neglecting my other duties in favor of them.”

Review from MWAN – 15mm British & French Colonials

“Stone Mountain has a pretty good  variety of figures for this period. All these figures paint up really nice. They have good detail and many folds in their clothing. This company has the best caravan pack around. This is a necessity for anyone putting together any kind of a relief column or caravan – superb! Gotta have these babies. As a whole, this is a good range.”

Review from The Lone Warrior – Houston’s Ships 1/1200 Ships


Stone Mountain Miniatures Figures

“I’ve bought from several other lines and invariably return to Stone Mountain…I like your clean, clear lines – keep up the good work”.

Stone Mountain Miniatures Figures

“I want to commend your company for taking the time to make the ‘specialized’ figures that make the miniature armies ‘come alive’.

Stone Mountain Miniatures Figures

“I just recently received a package of your miniatures…I just finished cleaning them and I was very impressed with their quality. Your product was so free of defect that total cleaning was complete in the time it usually takes me to clean 1 figure.”

Stone Mountain Miniatures Figures

“I have purchased your figures several times in the past and have been extremely impressed with their quality and unique poses.”

Review from The Lone Warrior – 6mm Science Fiction Buildings & Terrain


Review from The Lone Warrior – 6mm Science Fiction Buildings & Terrain


15mm Buildings

“These are beautiful buildings. The material they’re made from gives outstanding detail. They look great painted. I’ve received a lot of compliments.”

Review from The Lone Warrior – 25mm Buildings


Colors Paint

“By the way, I am currently in the process of switching over, as fully as possible, to acrylic paints. It is also my intention to use, to the greatest extent possible, your Colors Paints. I have been wargaming and painting figures since 1975, and have arrived at the conclusion that Colors are the finest acrylic paints on the market. They go on smoothly, they cover better than any other acrylic, and – and this is no small factor – the Fresh-Loc cap is brilliant! That cap keeps paint fresh better than any I’ve ever seen. I bought my first Colors many years ago (over 15 years) and the ones that weren’t emptied and replaced are still fresh and usable. I rarely have to even thin them. So, if the color I need is available in the Colors line, that’s where I’m buying it. Add to all of that the uniformly excellent service you provide, and it’s a no-brainer where to get my wargaming paints.”

Products and Customer Service

“Thank you for filling my order – I was very impressed with the quality of what I received, and also with the fact that you didn’t make one mistake. (I have ordered from several other companies, and every one has messed up!)

Products and Customer Service

“Thank you for the prompt filling of my last order. I have always been very satisfied with your prompt service and the quality of your products. In this day and age, you are one of the few remaining companies that seem to care about their customers’ satisfaction.”

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