6mm Buildings & Terrain

Stone Mountain Miniatures Award-Winning Wargaming Buildings & Terrain

Stone Mountain Miniatures 6mm buildings range includes American Civil War, American Revolution, European, Arab, and North African buildings. 6mm terrain includes bridges, fences, walls, hedges, trees, vegetation, and tents.

• Painted buildings, fortifications, and terrain are available by special order. Contact us for a price quote.
• See 6mm buildings and terrain listing for contents and prices.
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• Stone Mountain Miniatures 6mm buildings and terrain are cast in high-detail resin. Some accessories are cast in pewter.

6mm ACW Buildings & Terrain / 6mm AWI Buildings & Terrain

TRF980  Barn with hip roof  $4.95
TRF981  Log Cabins (2)  $5.95
TRF982  Country Church  $6.95
TRF984  Small Sheds / Barns (6)  $5.95
TRF988  Double Arched Stone Bridge  $8.95
TRF989  Wood Bridge  $6.95

6mm European Buildings & Terrain - Medieval to Modern

TRF901  Double Arched Stone Bridge  $5.95
TRF903  Large Rural Walled Farm with house with thatched roof, and 2 story barn  $13.95
TRF904  Romanesque Church  $5.95
TRF905  Brick Manor House with Grounds and Hedge  $13.95
TRF907  Three Manor Houses (2 stone and 1 framed)  $8.95
TRF908  Stucco Farm Houses with thatched roofs (2)  $6.95
TRF909  Half-Timbered House with thatched and shingled roof  $4.95
TRF912  La Belle Alliance Inn  $5.95
TRF914  Large Town House, Half-Timbered  $4.95
TRF916  Three Attached Townhouses  $5.95
TRF921  Large German Stone Church  $6.95
TRF925  Large Ruined Church (TRF921, ruined version)  $6.95
TRF926  Ruined Buildings (8)  $5.95
TRF930  Gun / Tank Emplacements (4)  $4.95
TRF935  Oil Storage Tanks (2)  $6.95

6mm Arab Buildings / 6mm North African Buildings

TRF972  Town Buildings (4 assorted)  $5.95
TRF975  Walled Town: 4 Walls, Gate, Mosque and Minaret with towers  $16.95
TRF976  Breached Wall Sections for TRF975 (2)  $6.95

6mm Fences & Walls

TRF1000  3 Rail Fence (18 1” pieces)  $8.95
TRF1005  Stone Walls (10 2”sections and 2 corners)  $7.95

6mm Trees & Vegetation

TRF1009  Trees (18 cast metal)  $9.95
TRF1010  Hedgerows (10 2" sections and 2 corners)  $8.95
TRF1011  Haystacks (10)  $5.95

6mm Tents

TRF1015  2-Man Wedge Tents (15)  $6.95
TRF1016  Sibley Conical Tents (10)  $6.95