Houston’s Ships 1/1200 ACW Ships – USS Ships

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1/1200 ACW Ships – 1/1200 Ironclads & Warships

1/1200 Fortifications, Accessories, & Naval Flags

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• Houston’s Ships 1/1200 ACW Ships are cast in pewter and high-detail resin.

Houston's Ships 1/1200 ACW Ships - USS Ships

• $9.95 per pack.
HSS36 USS Seafoam and USS Norfolk Packet (mortar sloops); USS Mortar Rafts (6)
HSS37 USS Casco, USS Chimo, and USS Squando (Casco class turret-less river monitors)
HSS38 USS Tunxis, USS Umpqua, and USS Yazoo (Casco class monitors)
HSS39 USS Passaic, USS Catskill, and USS Weehawken (Passaic class monitors)
HSS40 USS Canonicus, USS Manhattan, and USS Saugus (Canonicus class monitors)
HSS41 USS Carondelet and USS Cairo (gunboats)
HSS42 USS Lafayette (ram) and USS Choctaw (gunboat)
HSS43 USS Osage, USS Neosho, and USS Marietta (river monitors)
HSS44 USS Onondaga, USS Winnebago, and USS Milwaukee (dual turret monitors)
HSS45 USS Roanoke (3 turret monitor) and USS New Ironsides (ironclad gunboat)
HSS46 USS Benton (ironclad gunboat); USS Tuscumbia and USS Chillicothe (ironclads)
HSS47 USS Rattler and USS Silverlake (tin sternwheelers); USS Switzerland (Ellet ram)
HSS48 USS Dictator and USS Puritan (monitors)
HSS49 USS Conestoga (timberclad) and USS Essex (gunboat)
HSS50 USS Lexington and USS Tyler (sidewheel gunboats)
HSS51 USS Sassacus and USS Miami (sidewheel gunboats)
HSS52 USS Dunderberg (ironclad gunboat)
HSS53 USS Monadnock and USS Kalamazoo (dual turret monitors)
HSS54 USS Manhattan, USS Lehigh, and USS Suncook (monitors)
HSS55 USS Galena (ironclad) and USS Unadilla (gunboat)
HSS56 USS Eastport (tinclad gunboat) and USS Torpedo Launches (6)
HSS57 USS Aroostook and USS Cayuga (90 day gunboats)
HSS58 USS Paw Paw, USS Cricket, USS General Burnside (tinclad gunboats)
HSS59 USS Fawn, USS General Grant, USS General Sherman (tinclad gunboats)
HSS60 USS Nymph, USS Elfin, USS General Thomas (tinclad gunboats)
HSS61 USS Colorado (frigate)
HSS62 USS Hartford (corvette)
HSS69 USS Pensacola (frigate)