15mm ACW Command, Personalities, & Accessories

Stone Mountain Miniatures Award-Winning 15mm ACW Figures

The only 15mm American Civil War miniatures to ever win the Origins/H. G. Wells Award for Best Wargaming Figures!

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• Stone Mountain Miniatures 15mm ACW Personalities, Command, and Accessories are cast in pewter.

15mm ACW Personalities - Union & Confederate Generals

These beautiful, highly detailed figures truly capture the features and personality of each general. • $8.95 per pack.
ACW300 Union Personalities: Contains General Grant, General Sherman, General Sheridan, General Meade, General Custer, and General Burnside
ACW310 Confederate Personalities: Contains General Lee, General Jackson, General Hood, General Longstreet, General Stuart, and General Forrest

15mm ACW Command

• $9.95 per pack except as noted. • Except as noted, 15mm ACW Command packs contain 6 officers, 6 drummers, 6 flagbearers, (all varied, mixed advancing and charging), and 1 mounted general.
ACW200 Command, U.S.A., Kepi
ACW201 Command, U.S.A., Hardee Hat
ACW202 Command, U.S.A., Black Infantry
ACW205 Command, U.S.A. & C.S.A., Ragged, mixed hats
ACW206 Command, U.S.A. & C.S.A., Zouaves, mixed hats
ACW207 Command, U.S.A. & C.S.A., Special: Bucktail Kepis, VMI Cadets, and Berdan's Sharpshooters
ACW210 Command, C.S.A., Soft Hat
ACW211 Command, C.S.A., Texas
ACW215 U.S.A. & C.S.A. Infantry Flagbearers: 10 Kepi & 10 Soft Hat, Advancing and charging
ACW220 U.S.A. & C.S.A. Generals: 10 assorted mounted generals, on both standing and galloping horses $10.95
ACW225 U.S.A. & C.S.A. Headquarters Staff: 2 mounted generals and 8 mounted assorted couriers $10.95
ACW226 10 Mounted Kepi Flagbearers, assorted heads $10.95
ACW227 10 Mounted Soft Hat Flagbearers, assorted heads $10.95

15mm ACW Accessories

• Priced as noted.
ACW250 Army Supply Depot: Crates, barrels, sacks, ammo chests, stacked rifles $8.95
ACW253 Battlefield Debris: Damaged wheels, artillery equipment, rifles, backpacks, sabers, drums $8.45
ACW254 Large Artillery Wheels: 16 perfect large wheels $9.45
ACW255 Small Artillery Wheels: 20 perfect small wheels $9.45
ACW256 Fire & Fury Markers: Disordered (6), Low on Ammunition Infantry (2), Artillery (2), Damaged Battery (2), Breakthrough (1)  $8.95
ACW257 Fire & Fury Disordered Markers (14)  $8.95