15mm European Buildings, Arab / North African, & Ancient Buildings

Stone Mountain Miniatures Award-Winning Wargaming Buildings & Terrain

• Painted buildings, fortifications, and terrain are available by special order. Contact us for a price quote.
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• Stone Mountain Miniatures 15mm European, Arab, North African, and Ancient buildings are cast in high-detail resin. Some accessories are cast in pewter.

15mm European Buildings - Medieval to Modern

TRF350  Large Stucco Country House with thatched roof  $11.95
TRF351  Large Village House with Kentish framing  $12.95
TRF352  Pub, 2 story, with Kentish framing  $9.95
TRF354  Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker (3 shops)  $14.95
TRF356  Cottage with thatched roof  $9.95
TRF357  Octagonal Powder Magazine  $8.95
TRF358  Stone House over Barn with thatched roof  $12.95
TRF359  Large Wooden Stable  $10.95
TRF360  Stone and Timber Mill with water wheel  $11.95
TRF361  Windmill, Continental style  $10.95
TRF362  La Belle Alliance Inn  $13.95
TRF365  Manor House with Attached Stable and Courtyard  $24.95

15mm Arab Buildings / 15mm North African Buildings

TRF150  Large Arab House with outside stairway  $10.95
TRF151  Small Arab House  $5.95
TRF152  Small 2 Story Arab House  $8.95
TRF153  Large 2 Story Arab House and Courtyard  $16.95
TRF154  Small Arab House with dome  $6.95
TRF155  Arab Walled Village with Gate, Wall, Corner, and 5 Buildings  $54.95
TRF156  Additional Walls for TRF155: 5 2" walls ( 1 breached), and 2 corners  $13.95
TRF159  Colonial Fort. Includes Walls, Tower, Gate, and Barracks. Approx. 10" x 8" x 4".  $79.95
TRF163  Mealybag / Biscuit Box Barricades (8)  $8.95
TRF165  Boer Farmhouse, stone with thatched roof  $12.95

15mm Ancient Buildings (TRF150 - 156 above are also suitable.)

TRF100  Sphinx - Lion with ruler's head  $6.95
TRF102  Duplex House  $9.95
TRF110  Wall Section (2" high x 5" long)  $9.95
TRF111  Breached Wall Section (2" high x 5" long)  $8.95
TRF112  Tower (2" square x 3 1/2" high)  $10.95
TRF113  Gate with 2 Towers  $24.95
TRF120  Fortified City: 8 Towers, 2 Gates, and 6 Wall Sections  $144.95